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Visiting PhD fellows

Visiting PhD fellows

DCEA regularly welcomes visiting PhD fellows to the group and we see this as a great opportunity to share knowledge and explore collaboration initiatives. 


Visiting PhD fellow Rutjaya Prateep Na Talang

 rutjaya PRATEEP NA TALANG, Kasetsart University in  Bangkok, Thailand

"My fellowship in DCEA was the invaluable opportunity and the great experiences. I have been working as  a Ph.D student in DCEA for a year and a month. DCEA is a very dynamic research group that has many  great researchers. I have gotten knowledge and inspiration for my research. My research focus is on investigation of LCIA methods that suite for the developing country as Thailand and analysis of environmental impact from the traditional brick industrial in Thailand. I am sincerely thankful to  DCEA for having been welcoming and helpful in my work."




PhD fellow university of east anglia uk


jaap rozema, University of East Anglia, UK


"My fellowship in DCEA has provided me with invaluable insights into the dynamics of environmental assessment and planning. DCEA is a multidisciplinary research group, reaching out the the virtue of combining multiple disciplines into a holistic research framework. I will keep vivid memories of the time spent with DCEA members of staff, both from an academic and social perspective, and look forward to collaborating with them in the years to come."



PhD fellow universitat autonoma de barcelona

 Joan Manuel Fernández Mendoza, Universitat  Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

"My fellowship in DCEA was one of the most enriching experiences I have had within my PhD programme as well as personal life. DCEA is a very dynamic research group where I met great reserachers who work with great enthusiasm and full dedication. I have gotten new ideas, inspiration and knowledge for the further pursuit of my research in the field of Industrial Ecology and LCA. I am grateful to DCEA for having received me as a part of its team as well as all its members for inspiring scientific discussions and very fun social activities. Special thank goes to my supervisors and the LCA team for their tutoring. DCEA has become my reference group on the development of envionmental assessment studies."

Internship at DCEA

Internship at DCEA

An internship can be a valuable experience during an educational programme and DCEA welcomes student interns in our group, provided that we have suitable projects. If you are interested in a DCEA internship you are welcome to send an application to us at where you explain about your field of study and area of research interest.

All internships at DCEA are non-paid, but you will engage in research projects and receive a letter of reference from your academic contact.

Previous interns say...

Amina Harat intern at the danish centre for environmental assessment"I have been working as an intern in DCEA for 3 months during my first Master's year in EIVP, the French School of Urban Engineering. I had the invaluable opportunity to work on Industrial Symbiosis, widely known and studied by DCEA researchers and PhD fellows, which allowed me to acquire a solid methodology and a specific knowledge in this field. This internship provided me with a very significant insight in Research, determining for my career choice. The stimulating working environment and the social life in DCEA contributed to give me an incredible experience abroad as well as an incentive to set my sights on a PhD. I am sincerely grateful to all the team for having been so welcoming and helpful in my work."