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The Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment

Inaugural Lecture by Honorary Professor Maria Partidário

challenges in strategic thinking for sustainability

Climate for Change? Integrating Climate Change into Cities' Planning Practices

PhD presentation by Anja Wejs, April 2013


The Role of Context in Environmental Policy: Transferring the European Union's Emission Limit Values for Waste Incineration to New EU Member States and Columbia

PhD presentation by Paulina Monsalve Ramirez, February 2013


Sir Nicholas Stern, London School of Economics: Views on the Climate Challenge and Impact Assessment

Keynotevideo til konferencen International Symposium on Climate Change and Impact Assessmen, oktober 2010

As part on an International Symposium on Climate Change & Impact Assessment, Head of Centre Lone Kørnøv met with Lord Professor Nicholas Stern of The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change to an interview about the gap between  climate science and the making of policy, the results of COP 15 in Copenhagen, the need for integrated assessments and the uncertainties embeddid in impact assessment.

Sir Nicholas Stern is the writer of "The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change" published in 2006.