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Partners & networks

Partners & networks

DCEA greatly values its cooperation with external partners. At a national level we have great collaboration with Danish regions and municipalities, consultancies and power supply companies and internationally we have project collaboration in e.g. China, Thailand, Greenland and Vietnam.

Internship network within impact assessment

In a Danish context we have recently establised a network around internship and coordination among students and our network partners. The aim is to make the process on establishing beneficial internships as smooth as possible for both employer and student. If you are interested in joining the network you are welcome to contact Ivar Lyhne at lyhne@plan.aau.dk in Aalborg or Sanne Vammen Larsen in Copenhagen at sannevl@plan.aau.dk.

Download leaflet on internship network (Danish only)

Previous interns say...

Previous interns say...

Malene Søttrup Westergaard

3. semester, Environmental Management and Sustainability Science

"I have been working as an intern in Rambøll in the department of Environment and Utility during my 9th semester at Aalborg University. In this context, I have been involved in environmental assessments of municipal plans and EIAs for solar heating projects and for the harbour of Thyborøn. During the internship, I have prepared a report and an article about the problems of the duplication of rules and authorities for harbour expansion. The internship has allowed me to experience the problems I have identified through my project in the real world. I have realized the difference between examples told in a lecture, and being part of a group developing a specific product where input from a variety of professionals with different expertise is necessary. I have been very pleased to be an intern at Rambøll, who have been so welcoming and helpful in my work."