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External activities at DCEA

External activities at DCEA

In our external activities we strive to collaborate with other national and international research institutions and be a national organisation of impact assessment practitioners. We strive to ensure that research results are disseminated for the benefit of the scientific communities and we strive to strenghten high-level scientific reporting. A pivotal point of our external focus is therefore to emphasize stakeholder collaboration, PhD exchange and real world application.

Each year we engage in a number of workshops, seminars and courses and provide professional discussions to partners within the impact assessment community. In below articles you can find examples of external activities, but custumised courses and training  are developed in accordance with our current research projects and specific needs within the impact assessment community. 


Courses and professional training

Our courses and training are primarily within EIA, SEA and LCA

  • Advanced LCA PhD course
  • Task Force visit at Struer Municipality on sustainable development
  • Screening on impact assessment
  • Beginner and advanced courses on impact assessment
  • Approaches and processes for effective public involvement
  • Monitoring in EIA and infrastructural projects in Denmark
  • Scenarios for industrial development in Greenland and the potential social and environmental  challenges


Professional discussions

The Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment offers professional discussion and development in relation to EIA, environmental assessment of plans and programmes and LCAs for companies, municipalities, counties and other authorities.

DCEA can for instance be a critical partner during the process of an environmental assessment – a partner that can and dares to ask controversial questions. Professional discussions are based on openness and dialogue with the partners and the affected stakeholders, and are conducted in a critical way to ensure the best possible environmental assessments.

Examples of professional discussions

  • Carbon footprint assessment of waste water management solutions (in collaboration with the consultant Envidan)
  • Development of carbon footprint calculator (in collaboration with the Graphical Employer’s Association)
  • Supervision during the environmental assessment of Municipal Plans (in collaboration with the municipality of the City of Copenhagen)


Internship at DCEA

Internship at DCEA

DCEA welcomes interns to our group and we suggest you to click here to find more information and see vacant internships

Visiting PhD fellows

Visiting PhD fellows

DCEA regularly welcomes visiting PhD fellows to the group and we see this as a great opportunity to share knowledge and explore collaboration initiatives. Previous visiting PhD fellows say