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Education & teaching

Education & teaching

-DCEA engages in teaching activities at

  • PhD, master, and bachelor programmes
  • Professional level

PhD, master, and bachelor programmes 

In terms of the PhD, master, and bachelor programmes, DCEA engages in a variety of educational programmes. The primary programmes are the master programmes in Environmental Management & Sustainability Science, Sustainable Cities, the Joint European Master in Environmental Studies: Cities & Sustainability, and the bachelor programme in Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning. These programmes are taught in AAU campuses in Aalborg and/or Copenhagen.

Parts of the teaching activities are made in cooperation with external partners such as universities from abroad, professional organisations like the Danish engineers’ society, and municipalities. Other parts of the teaching centers around technical software such as the Simapro for life cycle assessment calculations.

The aims of DCEA are to:

  • Attract the best students nationally and internationally
  • Continiously develop the programmes in accordance with the problem-based learning model and critical thinking
  • Continue to develop programmes in which teaching is informed by research
  • Engage with students as research collaborators and important contributors to the research environment 


professional teaching and training

For the teaching related to professionals, DCEA offers courses and events. The aims for these activities are:

  • Develop educational opportunities through master programmes and short-term courses in-house
  • Engage with capacity building in developing countries

Broken Cities & Gone With the Wind Strategy Game

Broken Cities

- A game about the costs of climate change adaptation verses mitigation

Broken Cities is a competitive city-building game where players compete as landlords to become the wealthiest land lord baron in the city. Will you be a polluting profit chasing slumlord, or a green-minded real estate mogul? The choice is yours.

The rules can be downloaded from the link in the box to your right, but the game is only available as a hard copy, which we will be happy to send to you if you are interested in trying Broken Cities.


Gone with the wind strategy game

- an impact assessment strategy game

Gone With the Wind is a real-life, turn-based strategy game where players will have to navigate difficult policy choices and trade off competing environmental, social and economic goals in order to achieve a 100% renewable energy system in Denmark.

Will you support wind energy interests, or stand up for socially and environmentally fragile communities?

Game rules, event and role cards can be downloaded from the link box to your right.


Interested in becoming a DCEA intern

Interested in becoming a DCEA intern

We welcome student interns at DCEA - you can find more information under external activities

Environmental Management and Sustainability Science


Games and teaching at DCEA

gaming and teaching at dcea

At DCEA we strive to integrate games, creativity and role play into our work with planning and environmental impact assessment. We are always looking for creative perspectives to be used in teaching, seminars, workshops etc. and our current material is available for planning practitioners who need inspiration in their own work with environmental assessment and sustainability.

We always welcome suggestions or comments.

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